What are the different Service Plans provided?


When the user first registers, the default plan is "Free Plan".  After successful registration, user can go to the Service Plan Page to choose a different plan. 

There are three plans:

Free Plan

There is no charge for this plan. You can create up to 200 knowledge items. There is also a limit for the number of searches per month. We may place google Ads to support our server maintenance fee.

Standard Plan

The charge for this plan is $89 CAD/Month, to ease the payment for business users, we billed annually. You may create more knowledge items (up to 1000 items) and have a higher quota for searches. 

This plan is good for small enterprises with simple user's manual.

Premium Plan

This plan is for enterprises with large knowledge base.  Users can have up to 10,000 knowledge items and 500,000 searches per month.

No Ads for paid plans (Standard Plan and Premium Plan).