What is the typical usage of Deep Knowledge Base


One typical usage of Deep Knowledge Base is to publish a searchable version of your products' manual online to the public. 

Most of the users turn to the Internet to find the answer for how-to of your product.  Fewer users will actually read through the printed version of the user's manual.  Also it's not user-friendly to post a big fat PDF document.  Users may not have the PDF reader installed.  Even if a user can read PDF files, most are not patient to search through hundreds of pages.

A Quick searchable online version of the product's manual, frequently asked questions or trouble-shots will filter many requests from your support team to improve the efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. 

You may also share any knowledge to your users like best practices, sample code snippet or successful use cases.  All the articles are published in a SEO friendly way so that users can easily google them.