"Migration Guide: Structured Streaming"

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Note that this migration guide describes the items specific to Structured Streaming. Many items of SQL migration can be applied when migrating Structured Streaming to higher versions. Please refer Migration Guide: SQL, Datasets and DataFrame.

Upgrading from Structured Streaming 2.4 to 3.0

  • In Spark 3.0, Structured Streaming forces the source schema into nullable when file-based datasources such as text, json, csv, parquet and orc are used via spark.readStream(...). Previously, it respected the nullability in source schema; however, it caused issues tricky to debug with NPE. To restore the previous behavior, set spark.sql.streaming.fileSource.schema.forceNullable to false.

  • Spark 3.0 fixes the correctness issue on Stream-stream outer join, which changes the schema of state. (SPARK-26154 for more details) Spark 3.0 will fail the query if you start your query from checkpoint constructed from Spark 2.x which uses stream-stream outer join. Please discard the checkpoint and replay previous inputs to recalculate outputs.