Installing Minishift



  1. Download the archive for your operating system from the Minishift Releases page and extract its contents.

  2. Copy the contents of the directory to your preferred location.

  3. Add the minishift binary to your PATH environment variable.

  • On the Windows operating system, due to issue #236, you need to execute the Minishift binary from your local C:\ drive. You cannot run Minishift from a network drive.

  • Minishift will use any SSH binary found on the PATH in preference to internal SSH code. Ensure that any SSH binary in the system PATH does not generate warning messages as this will cause installation problems such as issue #1923.

With Homebrew

On macOS, you can also use Homebrew Cask to install the stable version of Minishift:

$ brew cask install minishift

To update the binary, run following command:

$ brew cask install --force minishift

Next Steps

Proceed to the Minishift Quickstart after installation.