How to Get Support


When you encounter a problem that you cannot troubleshoot yourself (e.g., data corruption or software panic), file an issue in the cockroach GitHub repository and include the following details.

Description of the problem

  • What happened?
  • What did you expect to happen?

Steps to reproduce

Make these as granular and precise as possible.


If any Admin UI graphs or Debug pages show the problem, include screenshots.

Debug zip of active nodes

Use the cockroach debug zip command to create a single file with the following details from all active nodes in your cluster:

  • Log files
  • Schema change events
  • Node liveness
  • Gossip data
  • Stack traces
  • Range lists
  • A list of databases and tables

Logs of offline nodes

If any nodes are down, manually collect the logs of the down nodes, zip them up, and include them.