The DROP USER statement removes one or more SQL users.

{{site.data.alerts.callout_success}}You can also use the cockroach user rm command to remove users.{{site.data.alerts.end}}

Required privileges

The user must have the DELETE privilege on the system.users table.


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Parameter Description
user_name The username of the user to remove. To remove multiple users, use a comma-separate list of usernames.

You can use SHOW USERS to find usernames.


All of a user's privileges must be revoked before the user can be dropped.

In this example, first check a user's privileges. Then, revoke the user's privileges before removing the user.

> SHOW GRANTS ON test.customers FOR mroach;
|   Table   |  User  | Privileges |
| customers | mroach | CREATE     |
| customers | mroach | INSERT     |
| customers | mroach | UPDATE     |
(3 rows)
> REVOKE CREATE,INSERT,UPDATE ON test.customers FROM mroach;
> DROP USER mroach;

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