Enterprise Licensing


CockroachDB distributes a single binary that contains both core and enterprise features. You can use core features without any license key. However, to use the enterprise features, you need either a trial or an enterprise license key.

This page shows you how to obtain and set trial and enterprise license keys for CockroachDB.

Types of licenses

Type Description
Trial License A trial license enables you to try out CockroachDB enterprise features for 30 days for free.
Enterprise License A paid enterprise license enables you to use CockroachDB enterprise features for longer periods (one year or more).

Obtain a trial or enterprise license key

To obtain a trial license key, fill out the registration form and receive your trial license key via email within a few minutes.

To upgrade to an enterprise license, contact Sales.

Set the trial or enterprise license key

As the CockroachDB root user, open the built-in SQL shell in insecure or secure mode, as per your CockroachDB setup. In the following example, we assume that CockroachDB is running in insecure mode. Then use the SET CLUSTER SETTING command to set the name of your organization and the license key:

$ cockroach sql --insecure
>  SET CLUSTER SETTING cluster.organization = 'Acme Company';
>  SET CLUSTER SETTING enterprise.license = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';

Verify the license key

To verify the license key, open the built-in SQL shell and use the SHOW CLUSTER SETTING command to check the organization name and license key:

>  SHOW CLUSTER SETTING cluster.organization;
| cluster.organization |
| Acme Company         |
(1 row)
>  SHOW CLUSTER SETTING enterprise.license;
|                         enterprise.license                         |
| xxxxxxxxxxxx                                                       |
(1 row)

The license setting is also logged in the cockroach.log on the node where the command is run:

$ cat cockroach.log | grep license
I171116 18:11:48.279604 1514 sql/event_log.go:102  [client=[::1]:56357,user=root,n1] Event: "set_cluster_setting", target: 0, info: {SettingName:enterprise.license Value:xxxxxxxxxxxx User:root}

Renew an expired license

After your license expires, the enterprise features stop working, but your production setup is unaffected. For example, the backup and restore features would not work until the license is renewed, but you would be able to continue using all other features of CockroachDB without interruption.

To renew an expired license, contact Sales and then set the new license.

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