DROP ROLE (Enterprise)


The DROP ROLE statement removes one or more SQL roles.

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  • The admin role cannot be dropped, and root must always be a member of admin.
  • A role cannot be dropped if it has privileges. Use REVOKE to remove privileges.

Required privileges

Roles can only be dropped by super users, i.e., members of the admin role.


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Parameter Description
name The name of the role to remove. To remove multiple roles, use a comma-separate list of roles.

You can use SHOW ROLES to find the names of roles.


In this example, first check a role's privileges. Then, revoke the role's privileges and remove the role.

> SHOW GRANTS ON documents FOR dev_ops;
|  Database  | Schema |   Table   |  User   | Privileges |
| jsonb_test | public | documents | dev_ops | INSERT     |
> REVOKE INSERT ON documents FROM dev_ops;

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> DROP ROLE dev_ops;

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