Build an App with CockroachDB


The tutorials in this section show you how to build a simple application with CockroachDB using PostgreSQL-compatible client drivers and ORMs.

{{}} We have tested the drivers and ORMs featured here enough to claim beta-level support. This means that applications using advanced or obscure features of a driver or ORM may encounter incompatibilities. If you encounter problems, please open an issue with details to help us make progress toward full support. {{}}

App Language Featured Driver Featured ORM
Go pq GORM
Python psycopg2 SQLAlchemy
Ruby pg ActiveRecord
Java jdbc Hibernate
Node.js pg Sequelize
C++ libpqxx No ORMs tested
C# (.NET) Npgsql No ORMs tested
Clojure java.jdbc No ORMs tested
PHP php-pgsql No ORMs tested
Rust postgres No ORMs tested