Unauthenticated REST Interface


Unauthenticated REST Interface

The REST API can be enabled with the -rest option.

The interface runs on the same port as the JSON-RPC interface, by default port 8332 for mainnet, port 18332 for testnet, and port 18443 for regtest.

REST Interface consistency guarantees

The same guarantees as for the RPC Interface apply.

Supported API


GET /rest/tx/<TX-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>

Given a transaction hash: returns a transaction in binary, hex-encoded binary, or JSON formats.

By default, this endpoint will only search the mempool. To query for a confirmed transaction, enable the transaction index via "txindex=1" command line / configuration option.


GET /rest/block/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json> GET /rest/block/notxdetails/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>

Given a block hash: returns a block, in binary, hex-encoded binary or JSON formats. Responds with 404 if the block doesn't exist.

The HTTP request and response are both handled entirely in-memory, thus making maximum memory usage at least 2.66MB (1 MB max block, plus hex encoding) per request.

With the /notxdetails/ option JSON response will only contain the transaction hash instead of the complete transaction details. The option only affects the JSON response.


GET /rest/headers/<COUNT>/<BLOCK-HASH>.<bin|hex|json>

Given a block hash: returns amount of blockheaders in upward direction. Returns empty if the block doesn't exist or it isn't in the active chain.

Blockhash by height

GET /rest/blockhashbyheight/<HEIGHT>.<bin|hex|json>

Given a height: returns hash of block in best-block-chain at height provided.


GET /rest/chaininfo.json

Returns various state info regarding block chain processing. Only supports JSON as output format. * chain : (string) current network name (main, test, regtest) * blocks : (numeric) the current number of blocks processed in the server * headers : (numeric) the current number of headers we have validated * bestblockhash : (string) the hash of the currently best block * difficulty : (numeric) the current difficulty * mediantime : (numeric) the median time of the 11 blocks before the most recent block on the blockchain * verificationprogress : (numeric) estimate of verification progress [0..1] * chainwork : (string) total amount of work in active chain, in hexadecimal * pruned : (boolean) if the blocks are subject to pruning * pruneheight : (numeric) highest block available * softforks : (array) status of softforks in progress * bip9_softforks : (object) status of BIP9 softforks in progress

Query UTXO set

GET /rest/getutxos/<checkmempool>/<txid>-<n>/<txid>-<n>/.../<txid>-<n>.<bin|hex|json>

The getutxo command allows querying of the UTXO set given a set of outpoints. See BIP64 for input and output serialisation: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0064.mediawiki


$ curl localhost:18332/rest/getutxos/checkmempool/b2cdfd7b89def827ff8af7cd9bff7627ff72e5e8b0f71210f92ea7a4000c5d75-0.json 2>/dev/null | json_pp
   "chainHeight" : 325347,
   "chaintipHash" : "00000000fb01a7f3745a717f8caebee056c484e6e0bfe4a9591c235bb70506fb",
   "bitmap": "1",
   "utxos" : [
         "txvers" : 1
         "height" : 2147483647,
         "value" : 8.8687,
         "scriptPubKey" : {
            "asm" : "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 1c7cebb529b86a04c683dfa87be49de35bcf589e OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
            "hex" : "76a9141c7cebb529b86a04c683dfa87be49de35bcf589e88ac",
            "reqSigs" : 1,
            "type" : "pubkeyhash",
            "addresses" : [

Memory pool

GET /rest/mempool/info.json

Returns various information about the TX mempool. Only supports JSON as output format. * loaded : (boolean) if the mempool is fully loaded * size : (numeric) the number of transactions in the TX mempool * bytes : (numeric) size of the TX mempool in bytes * usage : (numeric) total TX mempool memory usage * maxmempool : (numeric) maximum memory usage for the mempool in bytes * mempoolminfee : (numeric) minimum feerate (BTC per KB) for tx to be accepted

GET /rest/mempool/contents.json

Returns transactions in the TX mempool. Only supports JSON as output format.


Running a web browser on the same node with a REST enabled bitcoind can be a risk. Accessing prepared XSS websites could read out tx/block data of your node by placing links like <script src=""> which might break the nodes privacy.